Lesson 3

Lesson Module 3 - Final Projects

Lesson 3.1 - Introduction & Guidelines

The staff of Whole Brain Health on Inspiration Island work closely with your Professors to fully support your University course objectives!
From WBH you get:

  • Land to build on
  • Building permission (a.k.a. Land rights)
  • Team t-shirts
  • ISP Student Center
  • Preparatory Lesson Modules: https://virtualinspirationisland.org/resources/students/
  • Comprehensive package of presentation tools with tutorials
  • Experienced and dedicated staff to help with building questions, lessons, teamwork…
    • WBH Project leader Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
    • WBH Team: Wisdomseeker (lissena), Fran (Francisco Koolhoven), Cats (Katsii Tennen), Ghaelen D’Lareh (Ghaelen Winnikow)
  • Metaverse Mastery Certification
  • A huge education network


  • 500 prims budget per team
  • L$250 per team recommended
  • Demonstrated creation by every team member
  • Immersive – creates an ambiance, or appropriate environment
  • Innovative – novel images, objects, and media
  • Inspiring – promotes hope, positive choices and solutions
  • Interactive – use simple scripts that produce user-triggered effects
  • 3 modes of expression & associated tools.. verbal (notecard, voice), pictorial (slides, snapshots), 3D objects (prim building, purchased mesh objects)
  • Develops Sustainability Sub-Theme per UNSDG
  • See examples of what you can create:

Lesson 3.2 - Project Tasks

Each student receives one point toward Multiverse Mastery Certification when they or their Team satisfactory completes each of the following tasks (maximum 8 points):

    • 3S1 – Join Inspiration Island Land Group, Student role
      • As a member of Inspiration Island Land Group, you will be able to Create Objects on Inspiration Island.
      • All group members are responsible for their objects rezzed in the region. Excessive objects will be returned.
      • Group join is by invitation only. Contact Tooyaa or WBH Team for invitation.
    • 3S2 – Contribute material, information, and/or media to the Team Project
      • Information presented should be from reliable sources, and preferably first sources (research organizations, government documents).
      • Media can include text, images, sounds, music, particles.
      • Use scripts to make objects interactive: Notecard givers, Rotation Script, Particle script, Float Text script, animations like Sit and Dance.
    • 3S3 – Archive information and objects
      • Archive your work, including : Speakeasy Text (on Notecard), Images (Tectures), Objects.
      • Take copies of your work, and give copies to Tooyaa, or the WBH Team.
    • 3S4 – Submit course and project evaluation
      • We value your feedback! Stay in communication with faculty and let us know any questions or issues.
      • After the presentations, you will receive a Project Evaluation form that contains specific questions, and also space for your own comments
    • 3T1 – Assign Project Leader & other roles
      • Team Leaders should have been appointed earlier in the course. Leaders are responsible for communicating objectives, meetings, and suggestions to their Teams.
      • Teams must establish what every member’s role will be, including objects, images, text, and other Project elements.
    • 3T2 – Submit brief Project Proposal
      • When your Team agrees on the theme, purpose and methods of your Final Project, write it up in a Notecard and submit it to Tooyaa or the WBH Team.
    • 3T3 – Build
      • Build within assigned team space (about 900m^2)
      • Height limit is 20m above platform
      • Prim limit is 500 LI per team
      • Focus on interpretive material per Final Project Guidelines
      • Quality rather than Quantity
      • Completion deadline May 6, 2022
    • 3T4 – Present LIVE to SL Community May 7, 2022
      • Use Speakeasy Hud
      • Use Voice
      • Show your good work!
      • Partyyyyy