Simply Impossible Class Area

Simply Impossible Class Area

Simply ImpossibleYes, it really is possible to create moving objects that don’t use scripts!  Come and see examples of physical objects that use the properties of Second Life’s Havok engine to do things you would never think possible without scripts– swings that move back and forth continuously, ceiling fans that turn, even a Merry-go-round that operates without scripts!

Our gifted teacher Thuja Hynes (Tooyaa), who also serves as Assistant Director of Whole Brain Health, is exploring a whole new concept called Free Energy.  With it, you can build animated machines in Second Life without using scripts! It’s challenging, sometimes frustrating, generally amazing, and lots of fun to do with others.  These classes are best for avatars with intermediate building experience.  These classes will be announced in the Whole Brain Health group as they are scheduled.

Also be sure to see the Infinity Generator on the second level, which operates using unscripted physics.

Note:  Many of the objects on the parcel are kept in a static state.  If you want to see these in action, please contact Thuya Hynes for a demonstration.