Center for Well-Being

Center for Well-Being

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The Center for Well Being (also referred to as the Villa) was the first building we created in Second Life — for a good reason.

Research is showing how very much the Arts — such as music, literature, fine arts and crafts, dancing, film — contribute to human flourishing.

In the Center we have a library where you can read or write in comfort alone or with a group. Look for meetings of writers group in Events or our group notices. Join the Whole Brain Health group to receive them (or come to the Inspiration Island Landing Point and subscribe to Whole Brain Health).

Programs Held at the Center for Well-Being
The Center for Well-Being is the home of several weekly or periodic programs:

Cold Shot / Flash & Dash
Bhelanna Resident hosts Cold Shot Play Readers & Flash and Dash events each Saturday at 11am Pacific time.  Newbies and Experts are always welcome.

Dani’s Meditation
Danaeah Ballinger facilitates a Meditation each Sunday at 9:30am SLT.

KRHI Sessions
Ghaelen D’Lareh hosts her own KRHI meditation session on Saturdays at 9:30am SLT.

Phoenix Cafe
Roberic Unplugged runs the Phoenix Café, where he hosts programs dealing with bereavement, both in here and at the nearby Memory Garden.

Would you like to present a program at the Center? IM Lissena or write to

We have spaces for small classes on appreciation of literature, art, music, film, dance, and other topics.

Do you enjoy music, for example? You have lot of opportunities in Second Life to listen to all kinds of music. Take another step and start learning more about what you’re listening to. In the Center you can access the internet with a TV for a small group.

Or hold a meeting with a bigger group to read poetry or talk about any topic in comfortable surroundings.

Why learn about any Art? It can deepen your appreciation of the genius of its makers. It can also stimulate your brain cells in new ways as you pay closer attention to what you experience.

Here’s a video review of an interesting book about specific films that reflect the character strengths we teach about on the Whole Brain Health Fairgrounds. Click on this link for an interview with the author of Positive Psychology Goes to the Movies: