SL15B: Once On a Blue Moon – Our Past, Our Present, Our Aspirations

Starting TODAY, June 17, at 12 noon SLT, the SL15B CRYSTAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION begins for a week!

We at Whole Brain Health have created an exciting exhibit for the SL 15th Birthday celebration.  The official name of the exhibit is “Whole Brain Health – Reflections on Our Evolution“, but to pay homage to our origins on the Blue Moon sim, we have given it the tagline “Once On a Blue Moon.”

We used the crystal theme throughout our build.  The exhibit has a foundation of five colored crystals, which represent the five pillars of whole brain health:  Self-care, Cognitive, Creativity, Social, and Purpose.  On the first level, Origins, we remember those who have partnered with us and influenced our development.  The second level, Programs, highlights what we currently are doing.  The top level, Aspirations, focuses on where we want to go in the future.

Please join in the celebration, and come visit us at the Whole Brain Health exhibit.

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