Grand Opening weekend for Curei’s Floating Gallery – Feb 24-25, from 8am-4pm SLT

It’s a wondrous adventure for your eyes, featuring the panoramic photo work of the photojournalist “Curei” (pronounced: CURE-ee-eye), and with special guest exhibitors from time to time as well.

We hope that you will enjoy our Central Plaza area, the little model sail boats, the lovely Meditation Alcove, our magnificent one-of-a-kind spiral fountain, our strolling peacocks, the great Little Jazz Corner, and the relaxing music stream on the rest of this “floater.” And who knows what else you might discover.

And, speaking of discovering something, a mysterious object has been hidden somewhere on this “floater.” It is an interesting surprise. Can you find it? Hint: It is a thing and it has but one moving part. If you find it, please don’t tell anyone what it is and don’t tell them where they can find it. Let them explore and find it for themselves.

This is a place to renew one’s soul. This is a place for your relaxation and enjoyment. This is a place to return to as often as you wish.

And below this little floating paradise, you will find an exceptionally interesting place,…. the main Inspiration Island. It is a place to learn and to discover. You will find a special Transportation Globe in the landing area of this floating gallery that will take you there.

Curei would also like to thank so many without whom this creation would not have been possible. To start with, Pluto Fairey gifted the basic “floater” as a beginning, and it was most certainly a wonderful place to start.  Then Wisdomseeker, the founder and director of the entire Inspiration Island sim, and the rest of the wonderful leadership of the island, gave us this very special home in their sky.

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