“That’s the Spirit: Telling the Story I Want to BE”

Hephaistos Semyorka (Heph) and Hermes Paravane hosted a program at Inspiration Island called “That’s the Spirit: Telling the Story I Want to BE” on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 9am to 10:30am SLT.  It was held in the fairgrounds area, near the meetup tent.

We know that our brains are designed to strive to make any story we tell ourselves a reality in our lives. Yet, we are rarely aware of the power of the “story” we tell ourselves each day. I can tell a story about myself that is energizing, healing and inspiriting; or I can tell a story that may keep me in a spiritually cloudy frame of mind and heart. Your own simple but powerful story can do even more than positive affirmations can, because it is grounded in your deepest values and inspired by your highest dreams, the ones that belong only to you. It is also important to remember that the story we tell other people about ourselves, even casually, helps them to understand how to help to us in creating the life we really want. Learn how to discover and foster the story that, every day, will feed your spirit and change your life in harmony with the pattern you are meant to live.

Hephaistos Semyorka and Hermes Paravane are real-life artists, writers and experienced executive and life coaches who have spent decades helping people recognize and follow their life paths. Real life work and life partners, they met at the Center for Creative Leadership, where both served as Faculty and program directors for the Center’s European campus in Brussels. In 2001 they founded Kairios, which in ancient Greek means “being in the right place, at the right time” – like the archer whose arrow must unerringly find the heart of a moving target, or the skillful weaver who creates a strong and useful fabric by sending the shuttle flying between the rapidly shifting interplay of warp and weft. Heph and Hermes work to educate coaches, educators, consultants and facilitators in values-based, non-judgmental, deeply creative practices for self-discovery and relationship.

To contact Heph inworld, message Hephaistos Semyorka.

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