Photographic Center at Inspiration Island

Photo_center_001On July 8, 2016, the Photographic Center opened as part of our Multiple Intelligences Experience.  Curei was our hostess for the opening.

Photo_center_002This new center is a place where we will be able to have classes, from time to time, to help you learn how to use the Second Life Camera Controls (if necessary), to learn the professional secrets of good photography, and to get some hands-on experience using the great, changeable backdrop and posing stand that is available to you on the first floor.

This center encompasses the artistic portion of a redesign being done on the Multiple Intelligences Experience parcel, which was developed by Zotarah Shepherd to highlight different levels of intelligence as described by Howard Gardner.   It will be part of our Stage 2 orientation center for new residents, although it is open to all to learn from and to enjoy.  In the near future we will be opening many other areas of this parcel.

As part of the opening on July 8, 2016, we were treated to the beautiful music of Ari, our SL concert pianist. Ari also provides piano music every Monday at 10am SLT, at the Gazebo on Inspiration Island.

Thanks go out to Tooyaa for building the structure housing the photographic center, and for planning and putting together just about everything that you see here. We also want to thank WisdomSeeker, who keeps this whole island afloat in so many ways. She is the guiding hand that most don’t realize is there. She doesn’t run around boasting about things, she just quietly serves as that wonderful guiding hand.

Please feel free to visit the new photographic center at any time, and to enjoy the wonderful photos that are posted here. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. There are a number of us who are here, off and on, most willing to give you any assistance that you may want — to answer any questions you may have.

Visit the new center in Second Life at

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