Introducing Spiritual Living– for Spiritual Community Building

For all SL participants interested in a better understanding of various spiritual and religious traditions around the world and represented on SL, we started an exciting new program in October.

Interested persons came together on Sunday Sep 25, 2016 to go over details of this flexible and interactive program. Here are the final details of how this program is unfolding:

cchubOver the last four years, we have established the Community Cultural Hub. Many of you are becoming familiar with this easy transport system to a wide range of communities on SL – including over 25 spiritually based communities (and growing).

We have investigated current contacts and scheduled weekly meetings for all the listed communities in the CCHub. These have been placed on a schedule located when you enter the CCHub and look directly to your right.

We select 2 gatherings/services a month and make contact with key persons in the hosting communities. At the scheduled time, we go as a group to the community service. After the service, we have a presentation by the host to explain the purpose of the service and its various components. This gives you an opportunity to try on some of these customs, traditions, and rituals for yourself. We urge you to keep a journal and ask yourself which parts of these experiences you can embrace for your own spiritual daily discipline.

In addition to the two services and presentations above, we meet for a Discussion Group on the fourth Sunday of the month @ 11 am SLT at the CCHub. You are all welcome to come to this meeting whether or not you attended any or all of the two monthly services. The discussion is open ended and you may offer your impressions and applications of the two services OR others you may have attended. The important thing is: Your input is important and we want to hear it.

Please join us in December as we join two celebration services and informal presentations at the spiritually based community locations. Here is our schedule for the month of December 2016:

  • Sunday Dec. 04 @ 9am SLT – Shambala Sanctuary
  • Sunday Dec. 05 @ 6pm SLT – Baha’i Discussion on Prayer
  • Sunday Dec. 11 @ 11am SLT – Reflective Discussion – CCHub

All meetings will start at the CCHub ( We ask that you please arrive ten minutes early.

Here is a URL link for a monthly schedule on Google Docs which will give you the latest meetings. YOU may add some meetings on it to give others an opportunity to join you. You will notice the Discussion groups are in yellow, the scheduled field trips are in green, and other meetings are in purple. You will also note various religious holidays are in blue print.

We are happy to announce this service and open it up to all. We see this as a way to build a larger spiritually based community in SL as well as give us connection and contacts from cultural/spiritual communities from around the world.

Love and Life,
Ewan Bonham

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  1. Bonnie Kisko says:

    I live in FL. I am the Worklife and Wellness Ambassador. I just found this website and LOVE it. Can any of the presentations be watched remotely? Can any of the activities be watched remotely and/or be interactive? Thank you in advance

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